National Park Kornati

In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic Sea, on the meeting point of Šibenik and Zadar islands, a separate and by many a specific group of islands, called Kornati, is situated. National park Kornati is one of the most indented island groups on the Mediterranean with about 80 islands. National park Kornati is placed near the island of Murter and life are closely connected to its residents. Islands of National Park are inhabited, and there are no sources of drinking water. On the islands is possible to visit numerous restaurants and marina ‘Piskera’ located within the boundaries of the National Park. 

 National Park Kornati Islands occupies approximately 220 km2 and approximately 238 km of coastline. Land of the NP “Kornati ‘makes a quarter of the surface while the other three quarters makes the marine ecosystem. 

 As the island of Murter and I NP “Kornati” in the immediate vicinity of Vodice, and is easy to organize trip to the NP ‘Kornati’ we have included it in the offer, to help you visualize all the beauty and benefits of available accommodation in Vodice. 

National Park Krka

National Park Krka is known for its large number of lakes and waterfalls. Named after the river Krka, which is part of the park. It is located in central Dalmatia, near the old town Skradin and only a few kilometers northeast of Sibenik. National Park Krka covers an area of ​​142 square kilometers, of which 25.6 square miles of water surface appears. River Krka at the momment has seven waterfalls and its beauty are natural phenomenon. 

Length of the freshwater river is 49 km, and brackish 23.5 km.

Visiting ‘Krka’ is available whole year year but we recommend visiting in the spring and summer, because waterfalls are then in all their glory. Most popular part is the Skradinski Buk, who also has the largest cascades in Europe.